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In your hands, or at your back, instantly

Affix Rollers fit as snugly in your hands as they do in their holster along the 20" vertical track mount. A precision array of premium silicone massage elements isolates and releases stubborn knots.

Level up your roll

If you've tried a standard back roller wheel, you know that being stuck on the floor for treatment:

  • Requires core strength and balance
  • Often engages the very muscles you're treating
  • Relies on body weight for pressure

Or the classic tennis or lacrosse ball against the wall? Then you know the struggle of wriggling into position without letting the ball fall down, and changing positions means starting over.

You deserve better. You deserve Affix.

The force you crave

With the roller locked into place, you have ultimate control in applying as much force as you like to your massage. Lean or push into the wheels and let your legs do the work. Then glide the holster up or down the track to target other areas.

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Unmatched versatility

Roll it mounted or handheld, and adjust the wheels to be spaced around the spine or side by side for concentrated treatment. See how easy it is to get Affix for every muscle group.

Your future self will thank you

Guarantee a spot in the first production run with $5 down to get your Affix as soon as possible, and know you've locked in the best price with our limited time 30% discount.

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