Follow our simple mounting instructions to affix your back roller to any standard residential interior door. Once your massage holster is secured, place the roller into the U brackets on the holster. You’re ready to roll the pain away!

Back up to the roller slowly and adjust left or right until the massage wheels align with the muscles that run on either side of the spine. Bend your knees slightly and push back into the roller until you feel the desired pressure in just the right spot. Need more pressure? Position your feet a half step further from the back roller to increase force. Whether you want a light touch or a hurt-so-good, it’s up to you!

Keep your back relaxed and let your legs do the work. We recommend rolling about 6” of the length of your back at a time to keep a balanced foundation. When you’re ready to hit a different spot, remove the massage roller, give the holster knob a half twist to the left and press to detach the interior plate from the track. Then slide the holster to the desired height, re-tighten the knob, and set the roller back in place.

For more tips on how to get the most out of your roll, instructional videos are coming soon!

If you can name it, we can roll it! Our extensive research has found that there are literally way too many muscles in the human body to name them all here. But our testing has shown our rollers effective at relieving pain and soreness in nearly every muscle group.

When combined with the roller mount (or with the helping hands of a friend) the usual back pain culprits like the trapezius and latissimus dorsi (commonly called traps and lats) are easily treated along with lower back and core muscles like the erector spinae, rhomboid major/minor, and longissimus thoracis. The mount also makes massaging shoulder, chest, and arm muscles like the deltoids, pectoralis, and triceps a breeze.

When removed from the mount, the roller can be used by hand or set in the holster on the floor to treat the legs or even plantar fascia soreness in the feet.

We’re finalizing arrangements with manufacturing partners right now! Although we are projecting delivery of initial orders by end of year 2023, please join our email list for the latest updates on our Kickstarter campaign or reserve yours today to guarantee our best discount and a spot in our first production run!

Absolutely not! Our back rollers are equipped with soft felt padding on all the touch points with your door to ensure no mark or scratch is left behind, no matter how hard you press into it. Your massage force is distributed across the entire area of the holster to prevent any structural damage to the door.

We’re so glad you asked – our standard mount works with residential interior doors which are 1 3/8” thick, however we do offer mounts for doors in commercial spaces or offices as well. Most commercial doors are1 3/4” – please be sure to verify the thickness of the door you want to use and select your configuration when ordering!

If you’ve already ordered yours and want the alternate size of door mounts, they are available for separate purchase as well.

Although we’re confident you’ll love the consistent relief from tension and soreness our roller products deliver, we offer a 30 day return policy on all products so you can experience the magic worry free. If you don’t love it, just contact us to send any undamaged unit back for a full refund.

Our roller mounts are made in America from premium powder coated stainless steel, and should hold up to a lifetime of heavy use. That’s why we offer a 5 year guarantee on everything we sell – if any component of your Affix back roller breaks down or stops functioning from regular use, we will replace it at no cost to you.